Ocean and all

For those of you worried that Bobby (Hammer) had left our waters for good, fear not. He made a brief appearance Friday night around 8:30 with his typical three small dives and one big down. E’s sisters were here, suitably distanced and able to see him briefly. Although, I had grown lax in my diligence to watch for him out the window I have recommitted my time.

Unable to easily justify doing absolutely nothing while whale waiting at the window, I decided to start sewing again. With no guests visiting for the foreseeable future and the eating habits of teenagers, we don’t need the dining room table right now.

With the bunkie fairly complete to accommodate any of our children should they be able to visit and it ever so unlikely our granddaughter will be here soon.. I have taken over the guest room as a sewing room. Sewing room is an optimistic name for the place where all of my ufp’s (unfinished projects) are now stashed, but guilty pleasure room didn’t have the same ring to it.

It is all set up.. Now I have to decide which of the many unfinished projects I’m going to attack while I keep an eye out the window.

I am happy to announce that Mrs. and Mr. Robinson are the proud parents of four wee bairns born three days early. Congratulations to the busy parents and we will keep our fingers crossed that the squirrels and raccoons keep their mitts off.

We have had plenty of rain over the weekend with more scheduled for the coming week. I am not needing water for my vegetables and we are able to catch more than we use. E even felt daring enough to power wash the deck a bit.

If it can’t be my grand daughter’s bedroom for a while, it makes a most adequate sewing room. What with it hanging over the

ocean and all

Looking down from my sewing machine

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