you don’t mind

On the grand scheme of things, blog posts about whales, when you are living on the nature channel, seem to be of universal interest and, really, write themselves. Takes no work whatsoever to entertain my readers when I have whales to talk about..

With that bar set fairly high, and no whales about to speak of, I felt I would only bore you with discussion of the minutiae of my days these last two weeks. But, if you can hold on to the end of the blog, you might just see something you have never seen before…

I have been trying to stay away from the garden as Mrs. Robinson is very busy with her eggs. She tells me they should hatch on Tuesday and then, after two weeks, the kids will be out of the nest and I can have my garden back.

E has now hung seven bird houses in the trees around the property. I like to have them where I can see the comings and goings from the garden or favourite deck chair. This Mom is hard at work outside our bedroom window.

I have spent hours and hours lately sitting on my deck doing very little but staring into space and watching the local birds.

We have two eagles who are very busy at their nest. I am most eager to see who they are tending. We have tons of hummingbirds. Most of them, I suspect, we have held in our hands at one point or another because a day rarely goes by when they don’t mistakenly come inside the house.

When they do they let us catch them in our hands and release them back outside. For added entertainment they let me feed them. This week I took the feeder off the hook, removed the yellow thingys and floated them in a red lid with the usual sugar water. They came to my hands and when my hands were tired and I put the lid on my lap, they still came and fed… There is something very rewarding when they trust me enough to just sit on the lid and drink at a leisurely pace.

This morning, over coffee, as I scanned the water in front of my house for any signs at all of a whale or two, I saw, instead, an eagle catching his breakfast. We had seen him do this once before, years ago, during the reno, but it is still a rare and incredible sight.

So we have turned to the bird show on the nature channel for a while as the whale programming seems to be on hiatus. I hope

you don’t mind.

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