Curiouser and Curiouser

We settled down to watch the final season of Homeland last night but were interrupted by the arrival of a humpback in front of the house. For most of the rest of the evening we tried to get a picture of the tail for identification. It was uncooperative, much to the frustration of my Facebook friends when I tried to live stream his visit.

It wasn’t Bobby. It was acting differently and seemed decidedly larger. It never showed us her tail. It swam circles around the channel, never really too close to us. At midnight we could still hear it going back and forth. My neighbour thought she saw two out there.. We thought maybe it was Bobby’s mom, Claw.

With a heavy dose of optimism for warmer temperatures in our future I planted my tomatoes and pumpkins today. Five Cinderella pumpkins are in the ground along with twenty tomatoes of various types. It was a lovely day in the garden. Not too hot to work.. lots of birds around. Mrs. Robinson has added an egg to her nest.

Previous years I have planted way too many tomatoes and they have been over crowded and unhappy. This year I am betting that I will have a stronger crop by giving them all a lot more room to thrive.

Last year I experimented with a watering idea I had. Water is in short supply, of course, and often when I water the vegies it seems the water just runs off the dirt and never reaches the roots.. Especially when it is bone dry in July.

So E cut up left over ABS pipe and then drilled a few holes in the bottom few inches. Every tomato has a pipe and a stake buried with it. I have also added a cage just for extra support. Any watering for the tomato will go into the pipe and straight down to the roots.

The pumpkins also have a pipe buried with each of them. I am not wasting one drop of water this summer!

This afternoon, another humpback came to the house and E was able to get a good video and a great picture of the tail. It is neither Bobby, nor Claw. I have sent the info to the research group who helped us last time. Inquiring minds and all that.

Curiouser and curiouser

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