Job, that man

I am a simple woman with simple needs. I don’t ask for diamonds or emeralds (anymore), I am just happy to know my family is safe, there is wine in the cupboard, no one is yapping at me about politics and my garden is thriving..

Long time readers know that the main reason I like to garden is to watch the birds who visit. Plants I choose to include in the garden are hopefully attractive to birds. Butterflies are a bonus. The fish pond we added, as lovely as it is, also conveniently helps my bird guests.

Years ago, E hung bird houses in three random trees for my entertainment. Between you and me, I am hoping he will make more of them with the left over cedar we have from the bunkie siding. The one closest to the garden has been occupied every year and I noticed that last year it had started to come away from the tree from the weight of the babies. Mom is currently working hard at tidying it up for her new gang. I lamented that the birdhouse might actually crash to the ground as E walked idly past me. I asked really nicely.. and well ,…. now the babies will be safe.

I was more than delighted this morning to see the newest addition to my garden. A new mom, her name most likely, Mrs. Robinson has built a nest on the post at the underside of my garden shed roof. It’s right above the electrified wire so she is safe from raccoon pillaging. I put my camera on video and hung it over the nest when she wasn’t looking and there are no eggs yet.. I am sooo looking forward to watching her progress. Spoiler alert, you are going to be hearing and seeing her progress too.

I should confess that E wasn’t actually idle. He was painting the beds he made for the bunkie and was walking past me to get his brushes.. But, he stopped none the less to fix the bird house. Happy wife, happy life and all that… Patience of,

Job that man

4 thoughts on “Job, that man

  1. Hello. I enjoy your blog. My husband and I are considering moving to the islands. He sounds just like your E. I have a question regarding health and age and all those realities. We have both survived cancer and are healthy 59 and 62 yrs young. But as a retired nurse I am aware of the aging process and bounce around in my mind regarding the risks and rewards. You’ve mentioned you husbands heath issues so I figure you must have had similar concerns and conversations. My mind goes something like this……We almost bought the plot so better live life to the fullest while you can and then the opposite….if he suddenly drops dead and I’m left on a fucking island that would truly Suck and would be a huge disaster and make loosing him so much harder.
    Can you relate?


    • Yes completely.. E had a heart transplant and we considered this would be a risk. We asked his cardiologist and he said sitting in a rocking waiting to die would be a mistake.. go for it…moving to this life has been the best thing for his health we could have done. Problem solving, incidental exercise, male camaraderie with guys in the same boat….etc…
      Many of our neighbours have had health issues…but also find this lifestyle rewarding… My advantage is that if something happened to E, I wouldn’t feel trapped.. i love it here….!! (Im 63 and hes 65).. i figure we got another twenty here easy 🙂 ask all the questions you want…. there are some nice properties here for sale right now 🙂


      • OMG. I burst into tears when I read your reply. When we faced cancer and beat it we focused on lifestyle changes and getting out of Southern Ontario is the next step. It’s automotive manufacturing hell here and if your not working in manufacturing (which Ed did for 30 yrs) your in the middle of farm and dairy culture which is not exactly environmentally friendly.
        Between us we have 8 kids and 9 grandkids, all here but as the last one left recently the need to stay is waining and they all say “go for it”. Of course “nobody is doing nothing” at the moment but thank you for helping keep the dream alive.
        I hope I’m not stepping out of turn but we are looking at Bernice and Duane’s property and were scheduled to stay March 26 a April 18. We are quite sure Bobby and his mother were assigned to welcome us specifically.
        We’ll never know but hope he’s still around when ever we finally get there.
        Thanks you


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