kids all night

Last night, I felt I could not watch one more minute of the news. Every single channel would be more sadness. Any tv show or movie that we would normally watch would, again, be centered around some fictional murder and its accompanying misery. I didn’t want to hear of one more death statistic or moronic statement from the imbecile below… But the day was done and I took my wine and sat on the couch to see what E had planned for our evening’s entertainment..

We had a grocery delivery from the island next to us in the afternoon. It is kind of like Christmas, because we allow substitutions and you never know what you might get. For example, I asked for bars of Dove hand soap, the same type I had used for years. Instead, Pears lemon flower extract, liquid soap arrived and it is lovely. Every 40 years or so, it can be fun to change up your hand soap. This new service, provided by Nester’s grocery store along with the generosity of our neighbours who pick the food up in their boat and bring it to the island, is a game changer for us.

Back in the day, the first piece of furniture we ever bought together was a solid oak kitchen table. It was second hand, from a used furniture store in Steveston. The store owner totally refinished it for us. For twenty three years we shared many happy meals, practiced dictees and built gingerbread houses with our kids at that table in our kitchen.

E dug it out of storage this week and painted it french country blue and I quilted new cushion covers. Cute, right?

The tomatoes I bought two weeks ago were in desperate need of “potting up”. They are now planted in one gallon pots with Pro-mix soil. I was too lazy to bring them back to the spare room in our house so I tented them in the garden with plastic. I may have no green house this year but am not without resources.

One of my readers has asked for the recipe I spoke about in , for what I consider to be Bran Muffins remarkably similar to those I loved at Binos, back in the day. I am too lazy to write it out neatly but here it is. Let me know what you think…

E can magically access anything and everything we could ever want to watch on TV. We have unlimited options. Last night as his laptop linked to the TV with his latest choice, I was almost missing hockey. I hoped for anything but more sadness.

But he had downloaded Fawlty Towers for us to watch. It seems he was as sick of the world as I was. So we reacquainted ourselves with Basil and Polly and Manuel (E knows every word of the show by heart) and we laughed like

kids all night…..

2 thoughts on “kids all night

  1. You may have been laughing off a sugar high. Was that 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar or 1/3 at first and then later, on a whim, add another one?


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