Night vision goggles

Bobby left us for Easter weekend. Had he left us for good? Not to worry, Monday night we had a report of his return. Then yesterday, there were lots of sightings at the south end of the island. Great for my neighbours.

Last night, we went to bed at ten. As usual, we opened all of the windows in our bedroom which is about 20 feet from the waters edge. The water was flat calm. The sky clear. The stars many. And thats when it started..

The air was filled with the echo of a giant thunk, splash. We ran out to the deck and the thunking (?) continued. At least six more times right in front of us. Bobby was back and performing what I can only imagine was an incredible air show. Breach after breach. Is he partying? Is he feeding? Is he lonely for his Mom and trying to get her attention? What a breathtaking sound.

I have officially given up on my tomato seeds. They are pathetic. Seeing as my canned tomato sauce is the base for most of our winter meals, this was as you can well imagine, a tomato emergency. After thirty days safe on the island, we risked life and limb for a trip to the nursery which is located next to our marina, for 23 tomato plants. With E safely in the car and not looking, I snuck in some bedding plants for the deck too.

The grocery store on our neighbouring island has offered a new service. We can put an order in by email on Thursday morning and they will deliver it by refrigerated truck on Saturday to a near-by government dock.

I tried it out for the first time this week and thanks to a neighbour (friend) who made the pick up, the service works perfectly. It is going to make a big difference to us and will allow us, barring any further tomato emergencies, to stay on the island indefinitely.

An opportunity to be so close to a whale show is exactly why we went to all of the trouble to build a new deck. It is perfect. But if Bobby is going to continue to save his best shows for after dark, we are going to need to get some

night vision goggles

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