Can become five

Hi, and welcome to your Covid news free zone. I promise to not mention “it” here. Any more that is, after that one time. That is it. No more.

We have been puttering. E finished the fascia on the bunkie and tried to finish the staining on the siding but ran out of stain. So that job isn’t going to get finished for a good long while.

He also helped me build a formal bed for my asparagus and a couple of other small ones with beach logs. I seem to have a lot of good soil this year. My composting has been successful along with all of the sea soil I recently added. The lower garden is now fully weeded and ready for May planting.

Had some more interesting news about Bobby. With the photos we were able to provide the research group, they were able to identify him as the unknown calf seen on January 23rd off William Head outside of Victoria. Isn’t it fun to be able to contribute? Other than April 5th, we have seen him every day since March 27th. That said, we haven’t seen him yet today. I imagine all of the Easter boat traffic isn’t helping. It is early, though, so I remain ever hopeful.

I have a nature (spy) cam which my son gave me. I checked the card this week to see how the little bunny is doing who is living in my bamboo. The bunny arrived last summer on his own. I assume he was dropped from an eagle cause why else would he have gone past the yummy unsecured vegetable garden to take up residence on the driveway at the house.

On the camera are lots of pictures of deer and unfortunately also an otter walking past my studio.

But then dear readers, I was confused with the nighttime videos.

Now, I have always been more than honest with my lack of ability with the finer nuances of arithmetic. But Noah, of imaginary Ark fame, could not explain how my one bunny has now become two. I now have two bunnies where there has always been just one!!!!!

I suspect I will see very soon how two

can become five.



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