days to come

Thirteen days since we were in an airport. Twelve since we were in the city. I am still getting very little done. I just feel that spending my time reading, watching Ozark and drinking red wine in my pajamas is a much better way to quarantine than days filled with physical labor.

We had an unexpected visitor yesterday morning. E noticed him around 9:30 am just in front of our deck. On a grey morning, in a grey bumpy sea grey colored whales are easy to miss. When we do get whales in front of us, they are usually Orca. It is unusual to see a humpback. Apparently a mom and her calf have been seen nearby in the last couple of days. This is presumably the calf.

I popped into the garden yesterday to see how all of the bulbs in the new flower garden look. It still needs a lot of work to finish but the Hyacinth are going to be gorgeous. The vegie beds also need to be prepped. Fortunately, my house-sitting friend got things started. I am eager to spend my days up there again.

Once we are finished quarantine, we will get back to work on the property. My plan for the coming week is to feel relief on Monday then get back to work on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “days to come

  1. We are self-isolating in Bellingham rather than Powell River. In a way, isolating where you are is a bit easier than here in town. It’s been It’s been fourteen days since we were on an airplane, in downtown Vancouver, and at the dentist, but we still need to go out for food and pharmacy visits. We are taking care but it’s near impossible here to feel confident. – Margy


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