E’s incurable optimism

Every day E takes lots of drugs which medically suppress his immune system. Kind souls who send us articles from health magazines with suggestions on how he could improve his immune system to combat getting the virus, although much appreciated, don’t understand that he can’t improve this immune system. In fact if he did, his old body would reject his new heart.

One side effect of the immune suppression drugs is a risk of skin cancer. Every few years he does a topical chemical treatment on his head which kills any pre-cancerous cells there may be. It is a most unpleasant process. His skin gets sensitive, ugly and itchy and just plain scabby. The first time he did it in October of 2010 he looked so scary he had to wear a mask on Halloween so he wouldn’t frighten the trick or treaters.

As part of his annual medical appointments last month the skin doctor gave him a prescription for another chemical peel for when we came home from our trip. It occurred to us that while we are in quarantine and not seeing anyone anyways, now would be a good time to do the peel.. He could get as ugly as he had to and there would be no one to scare.

So he started the treatment on Monday. As the effects on his head are just now getting uncomfortable and we are just ten days into our fourteen day quarantine, it occurred to us that perhaps this wasn’t the most brilliant of ideas. What happens if he gets sick and it is compounded by feeling crappy from this skin treatment?…

We are still feeling otherwise healthy with no signs of the virus. So we are all good but the decision to go ahead with the skin treatment before he knew if he was sick or not is just more evidence of

E’s incurable optimism

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