A sea lions

Today is day nine of quarantine or as I like to call it “I didn’t cough. Did you? I was sure I heard coughing.” I will be so glad to finish the quarantine part of our lives and move on to social isolation. We will have more control over those days. Right now, we are either infected or not and there is nothing we can do about it but worry that a minor headache or midnight cough is an indicator of worse to come.. So far, so good. but honestly… sigh..

A few months back we bought a generator from a friend who had had it for years as her back up. It was never used and she wanted to get rid of it. For what was an irrationally minor cost she let us take it off her hands so that we could have a back up. It didn’t work and so we set it aside to worry about when the bunkie was done.

E found himself reminded about the generator yesterday. After lunch he went up to the shed and took off its cover. He spent almost 30 laborious minutes replacing the carburetor and generally fussing over it. The generator started on the first pull. Really good to have it as a back up, tucked away for an emergency. Thank you friend!

I was not so inclined to do any work and basically spent the afternoon browsing seed catalogues. The seeds I started last week have begun… The lettuce seems very happy. Even the tomatoes are starting to peek out.

Got a call from a friend today that he had noticed pollen on his patio table.. It is time to shut down the rain water catchment system. Unfortunately it is the day before a week of scheduled rain. It isn’t worth the risk. Pollen turns your water to sludge.. Fortunately we are pumping successfully from the well right now… Thank you friend.

We are slowly managing to get our freezer and pantry restocked.. Friends have been grabbing a few supplies for us when they do their shopping. We should be able to manage to stay isolated for a while now. Thank you friends.

Although all of us are isolating on our different properties as we should, we know that we are there for each other if needed.

As it turned out the coughing we heard last night was coming from the ocean. Apparently our coughs sound alot like

a sea lion’s

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