proper social distancing

“Have you been in your pajamas all day?”, E asked me yesterday… I had to give that some thought. I figured that I had been dressed at one point but had no proof as it was 5pm and I was sitting at 5pm drinking my fiftieth cup of coffee for the day in pretty much the same clothing and position I had been in at 6am with my first cup of coffee.

These are days are for personal sacrifice. I for one have given up completely the concept of foundation under garments. (Wearing a bra).

After fixing the electrical wiring issue with our water pump E went to check the tanks and there was still no improvement in our reserves.. He walked around and checked all of our taps. Although tightly closed, the tap at our well pump had quite a substantial drip going on. I guess some sort of damage from the sudden frost in January. Has it been dripping for two months? Would explain a lot…

We had worked hard to have our property relatively tidy before we left on our trip. Our friends who house sat weeded our garden and tidied the property even further.

Knowing that we won’t have any company this summer has reduced any impetus for work to nil. I figure come April when our previously scheduled vacation time has come to an end we will get back to it. We will likely keep a moderate pace.

Our main goal for the next few months is to occupy ourselves completing unfinished projects. We have tons of supplies around. Plenty of chores to keep us occupied. I wish we had our kids here safe but they are all doing what they have to do. All E and I can do is stay home and safely out of everyone’s way for however long it takes.

I don’t mean to be judgemental but it looks to me like none of these birds, although getting along very well are practicing

proper social distancing

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