to howl yet

Oh man, I tried so hard to make this weekend special for E. Back in June I started planning a three week trip to Asia. At one point we were going to spend the 20th anniversary of his heart transplant in the spa on the cruise ship. Then, after we renewed our vows in front of the Ship’s Captain ( I know, corny right?) we would have a four course dinner on the balcony of our suite floating somewhere in the Straights of Malacca, served by our personal butler. But life happens and in the grand scheme of things we are just grateful to be healthy and together.

We know there are young couples out there who may have to reschedule their weddings, high school grads looking at their formal dresses knowing they will not have a prom and of course those out there who are worried about their friends and family with the virus. It just sucks. But you come here to read about living a life off grid as a recipient of the gift of life. So we will stick to that topic.

I have added a new tab on the right hand side of the front page of the blog with the title Heart Transplant. In theory, you can find all of my transplant related posts through that link. Some are pretty good, usually the ones written around the anniversary date. I am honestly torn this year. Although I want to again give recognition for the tremendous gift we received and tell you how much we appreciate the donor and all of the support we have received over the last twenty years. But then I worry it could be a little self involved considering the world as we know it is changing and none of us know how it will turn out. This anniversary is perhaps insignificant.

I know that twenty years ago tonight we got the call that a new heart was available for E after waiting months on the list. He was running out of time. Now he sits beside me playing with his guitar, in front of a giant window over looking the most beautiful view a girl could imagine. The dog is laying at his feet. The progress he is making with the guitar must be pretty good because the dog hasn’t been driven

to howl yet

2 thoughts on “to howl yet

  1. Never feel that the anniversary is insignificant! Yes, there is a lot of hardship in the world right now, but maybe that’s even more reason to celebrate and appreciate another year of your and Ian’s gift.
    Stay healthy!


  2. I think you are right…the anniversary is NOT significant. NOT in any ‘date-worthy way’. You were both blessed. THAT is all there is to that. And you can thank God for that….and keep moving on. But even better is the love and the intimacy that has come from it all. There is magic out there, MP, and you have tasted some of it. It is very sweet. Sal and I have it. And, surprisingly, we keep having it….life is good, love is better and we are blessed with both.
    Honestly, I would love to live the last 50 years again (the first 20 were a smidge unpleasant). This is paradise. I live in heaven with an angel. It does not get any better.


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