He is playing

Today is day five of quarantine or as I like to call it our first day taking life easy.

You see the kids and I gave E a guitar as a gift for his twentieth heart anniversary. In his youth he played the piano and clarinet and briefly attended guitar classes at the Dunbar Community Centre when he was twelve. Fifty odd years later we thought it would be good for him to take a break from standing one footed on ladders and spend some time relaxing..

Neighbours lent us music books this morning and he spent the afternoon playing around with his new toy. It must have been fairly melodic because I promptly fell asleep listening to him.

He had his annual check up with his St. Paul’s Doctor by phone this morning. Certainly much easier for us than a two day trip going into Vancouver. One wonders if this will become the new norm once the virus is gone.

I appreciate all of your concern, but the wine crisis is over. My sister in law brought me emergency rations last night in time for wine oclock.

In conclusion like many others we have plans to spend this time in isolation learning a new skill. For E it will be playing the guitar. I haven’t decided on mine yet but I have narrowed the options to either learning how to make donuts or guessing what song

he is playing

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