These difficult times

Day four of a life quarantined on the island or as I like to call it … living life almost exactly like we always do. E and I alone on the property doing chores during the day and binge watching TV at night. Our current show d’soir is Giri Haji. It is really good!

Admittedly, during the warmer months there is a very active social life on this island but during the winter months it is normal for us that two or three weeks might pass without socializing with others. This is not for everyone. In fact I think some relationships could find the situation difficult. For me, it is ideal. If you ask E if he agrees with me he would tell you that I said he does.

Three years ago I started my vegetable seeds earlier than normal (March 15th) as I was having my shoulder replaced. That summer’s harvest was the best I ever had. Yesterday I planted seeds. The guest room is playing the role of greenhouse this year.

E found a problem with the wiring on our well pump. It was a simple fix and The output has now increased from zero to 5 gallons a minute. This is going to make a substantial difference to our reserves. We discovered when we got home that the pump had not worked all winter. I envision our well is full to the brim with all of that untapped water and we are going to see great gains up top from well pumping. Lord knows there is no rain catching going on. We are having beautiful sunny days.

I am reducing my vegetable garden this year but still started 8 Cinderella pumpkins, 20 Ruths Medium tomatoes, 20 Pollock tomatoes, and 30 Yellow Wonder Light tomatoes and some lettuce. There should be enough tomato plants for us with some extra to trade. I have been given more asparagus and rhubarb plants. A friend is going to share some pea starts and that should be about it…

Although our son filled my grocery list before we got home we returned to find that we had forgotten a couple of items. The most critical being red wine! What was I thinking? Fortunately we have neighbours who have offered to pick up random items along the way for us.

Even after our quarantine is over we won’t be socializing or going to town until the situation is resolved. Although we love our neighbours dearly we can’t have any visitors. So we will have to change up a few of our routines.

Fortunately E had his annual blood work completed before we left on holiday. On Friday he is meeting with his medical team in Vancouver through FaceTime from here.. He just needs to take his BP and weight before the call.

I checked the liquor cabinet and although we have no red wine there seems to be an inordinate amount of Gin. Is it time I learn to like Martinis?

We all need to adapt during

these difficult times

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