To be thorough

Back in the day, travel agents were sent on Fam trips. Free trips to familiarize us with vacation destinations so that we could go back to the office and sell the packages with some personal knowledge. We would have to write Fam reports when we got home to better inform our fellow agents. I was a corporate agent so I didn’t go on many but for your edification here is my preliminary Fam report for this resort.

The resort where we are staying is gorgeous. We are enjoying it even more so because it seems unusually quiet. Although it is still spring break for many, the resort seems to be maybe two thirds full. As guests finish their weeks, which could be on any day of the week, it doesn’t seem like new guests are replacing them. As we are here for two weeks and most guests seem to only come for one, I am thinking due to the virus, the place will be practically empty next week.

Last night we had reservations at the seafood a la carte down on the beach. When you are considering transitioning to a more vegetarian type diet like we are, coming to a resort like this makes the choice easy. Prawns in garlic sauce, Calamari, Mahi Mahi… I’ll have to see if one of the Chefs would like to come home with us. You know, to stay away from the virus… and in return he could keep cooking meals like last night’s for me.

The resort grounds are very secure. We have yet to hear any gun fire and contrary to warnings from my readers, bedlam has yet to ensue. I can’t imagine the ne’er do wells want to hurt the tourist industry. This resort seems to employ hundreds and hundreds of very pleasant men and women. At any given moment a staff member drops what he is doing to answer our questions or escort us to our next activity.

Honestly , we feel like we are in the Fawlty Towers episode when Basil mistook a regular guest as the secret hotel inspector.

There are no issues with getting lounge chairs on the beach in the areas we like or on the pool deck in our favourite spot. Drink service to our chairs is frequent. We don’t bother making reservations at the a la Cartes. There are many choices and they are all free. We have had Italian, Spanish, and seafood. There is still a Brazilian, Japanese, Mexican and Thai restaurant to try. Although admittedly we eat probably earlier than most, we haven’t had to wait more than ten minutes in the bar for a table.

The other guests are mostly Mexican, European or Canadian. There are very few Americans.

I feel all of these observations should be examined more thoroughly through a comparison visit next year. I am not a scientist but perhaps the data should be collected over a ten year period. You know,

to be thorough.

4 thoughts on “To be thorough

  1. Hi M! I’m not sure if I can reply directly to one of your blog emails, but here’s trying. I have only been to one all inclusive in Mexico and that sure looks like the same one! There are 4 different properties together and you can use the facilities at any of them. If it’s the same one, I loved it! I went with some girlfriends 9 years ago, then went back the next year with Paul.

    I’m so glad you made the decision to change your celebration location when you did, because it likely would have been forced on you – with terrible ramifications! I’m glad you’re enjoying it all. I hope E is in a totally relaxed (but not bored) state. Congratulations to him on this special anniversary!



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