do your research

The last really big (read expensive) trip we took was New Years 2001 with our whole family. A two week Caribbean cruise to celebrate E’s new heart. The kids were under fourteen, E wasn’t really drinking and yet our (?) bar bill was 1200.00 USD. Favorite drink when not ordering bottles of gorgeous red wine was a Bahama Mama.

There was very little rain here on the island in February. We had a great January but it wasn’t enough. We are only sitting at 4300 gallons. Admittedly I have used a ton cleaning and tidying. But still it is disappointing.

There will be a point near the end of March when we have to close the rain catchment system because there will be pollen in the air. We. can. not. get. pollen. in. the. tanks. It will turn all of the water into yellow sludge.

4300 gallons sounds like a lot of water but it is never enough. I want a gorgeous garden. I would rather a gorgeous garden than a daily shower. (sorry TMI??)

This resort we are going to has 14 restaurants, swim up bars, beach side bars, daily stocked room bars, bar bars.. Free snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, miniature golf, and tennis. A bunch of pools and a 24 hour bar on the mile long beach. There will be a jacuzzi tub next to our bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to find out how we get our firewood to the suite or our water down from the well. I don’t think there will be whales but raccoons and dolphins are a thing.

We are having some weird ass dinners as we try to empty the fridge. One night I had carrots, tomatoes, humus and fish crackers. Tonight it was meatballs and scalloped potatoes. Sigh. I am looking forward to someone cooking a nice piece of white fish for me.

My diet has gone for shit lately but I felt I should make an effort to establish the caloric values of potential drink options at the swim up bars.

  • Red wine 85
  • Gin and Tonic 115
  • Martini, no olive 125
  • Bacardi and Coke 130
  • Pacifico beer 145
  • Bahama Mama 169
  • Strawberry Daquiri 220
  • Strawberry Margarita 340
  • Dirty Monkey 348
  • White Russian 500
  • Mudslide 820

The Bahama Mama’s are looking like a very reasonable option. Before one travels, it is always important to

do your research

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