with each other

Yesterday I spent the day out on the property cleaning up… All unused lumber could finally be moved away from the construction zone. The table saw could be put away and the sawdust spread around the forest. The daffodils I planted last fall are starting to come up around the site. It’s almost as if I planned their display. Then, of course the best part, I burned up all the extra crap in a big burn pile.

We started the house reno three years ago today, and the bunkie project on Mother’s day last year. The few things we have left to do on the bunkie should be accomplished in April with no problem. But for the next month or so we will enjoy the tidier property for the first time in three years…

The flower portion of the garden by the pond is relatively free of weeds and ready for spring. The vegie portion is covered in weeds but there is no point in me weeding as they will just grow back before I am ready to plant. I’ll turn it all over in April.. Although unsightly, no harm to it.

Although, I want a greenhouse and it wouldn’t cost much I think a roof to the studio is more important at this point. Our next project when we get two cents together will be to replace the roof on the studio. Right now you can see the sky when you are inside looking up.. Usually not a good thing in a roof.

There was a time when we first moved here when we read most days… especially in the winter. E was saying today he didn’t think he has read a book in two years.. I am not far off, since all of the renovating started in 2017……

Yesterday, after a morning installing a down pipe for rain water catchment off the bunkie, E went down to the house to get some rest. He has a cold which he picked up from our darling little germ carrying granddaughter. I stayed up at the burn pile for three or four hours just to sit and stare through the flames to the ocean. No one is currently anywhere near us on the island.

Other than the birds in the trees around me and the sea lions puffing as they passed our house, and of course the crackling of the fire, there was silence. It was heavenly.. Honestly, these days, if E and I have a moment to sit still during the day, we don’t need a book, or a radio. We take those opportunities to engage with our surroundings and truly appreciate how fortunate we are to share this life

with each other

4 thoughts on “with each other

  1. Renate and I can’t wait to get back and relax. LOL
    There is a neverending list of things to do. I think that it is time for me to hire some help. I can not expect everyone to just turn out every time I have a project. Perhaps Robert??9


    • Best money we ever spent was getting help to finish the house. It would never have happened without Robert. A more deserving worker there never was/is? Believe me I know what you mean.. E was hard pressed to admit we needed a hand…Every hour Robert takes off your hands though is an hour you can play music beside your ocean.


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