The sun rises

Family gone. Great week, great weather and the Nest passed inspection. Apparently, the shower even had great pressure. Whew. Back to life with just us two.

E and my son built a wee deck to access the door to the nest from the landing where the green house will sit. E then made some flower boxes with the left over deck boards. Hopefully, we won’t lose too many people off the edge if there are flower boxes around the perimeter. Will have to fill them with herbs like sage or rosemary instead of petunias or the deer will consider them feed boxes.

Then, they hung the gutter on one side and tomorrow when the down pipe is connected, it will send the rain water from the roof to a 500 gallon tank next to the garden.

We have two weeks to get the property tidied up before our trip or more importantly, before our friends move in for their house sitting duties. Certainly, a thorough spring clean is in order for both the house and the property. With the bunkie kinda finished a lot of the unused wood can now be stored away until greenhouse building time. It doesn’t need to be scattered around the driveway any longer.

The problem is trying to find somewhere to put it all. If only we had a huge storage shed/studio where it could be stacked. Oh right we do.. but it’s filled with god knows what and the roof leaks… next project……

So the kids had two recommendations in their yelp review of the bunkie. One was that it needs somewhere to put their stuff when they are here. The bedrooms are only big enough for the bed so maybe storage bins under the mattress. The other was that the bedrooms need curtains. Apparently, they tell us, not everyone wants to wake up when

the sun rises.

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