all for it

We have been busy kids getting the “nest” ready for our weekend guests. The flooring is in. The heater is up and working. We have the on demand hot water running. We have even poured concrete this week for the soon to be front porch. You know you are near finished when you are hanging paintings, shower curtains and bird feeders.

We were in town yesterday for Dr. appointments, lunch at Tania’s and dog grooming. Piper’s hair has been out of control now for months but I didn’t have the heart to cut it while the temperatures could still drop below zero. Some days he was having two baths as we tried to make him decent for indoor living. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Yesterday was the day. I am quite aware that he is cute as the dickens with long hair and he now has to wear a flannel coat to keep warm.. But he is sooooo much nicer to cuddle!!!!

We stopped at Carter’s so I could buy clothes for my granddaughter. I get so few opportunities to buy her stuff and she is coming tomorrow!!.. Popped into Shoppers Drug for travel items, sun tan lotion and the like and as we were paying we passed a Valentine’s display. You know, roses, chocolates, romantic cards. As E paid for his bug repellent I pointed out the red roses and asked if I could have roses… He looked at the roses, looked at me and said sure.. “Give them a sniff and then put them back.”

This will be our fortieth Valentines Day together. Apparently, the fortieth anniversary is “bunkie” and I am

all for it

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