somewhere near here

I have changed our vacation reservations several times. Then we rearranged them and changed them again and again…. over and over. Leaving this island, coronavirus or not is a giant pain and I am unlikely to consider travelling again any time soon. My friends and family will no doubt be happy to know we are now set. I hope.

I went to town today to buy summer clothes. Nothing nicer on a rainy cold February day than taking your clothes off in an unheated dressing room on a rainy cold February day. On the up side, everything was on sale. Considering everything I own is made of denim or flannel, colors of black or plaid, it was quite something to buy white pants.. White!!! First time I will have worn white pants since 1975.

I have no idea what I will do with them after the vacation. Maybe clothing for a rather chubby scarecrow.

After shopping. I met up with nine of the island women for lunch in town. Nothing is ever what I used to consider normal when these island women get together. As expected the food was insanely good and the talk often wandered to deer fencing and quilt projects. What was unusual was the background sounds made by ten baby chicks sitting in a box in front of the fireplace. They are on their way to the island for a summer of egg laying but aren’t quite big enough to weather our island temperatures. They will stay in the city for a few weeks where it is easier to keep them warm. It was quite a welcome sound, the wee ones chirping. Fortunately, chicken wasn’t on the menu, cause that would have been weird.

The flooring is finished in the “Nest”. Tomorrow E will begin to install the propane heating system.

We have lots to look forward to in the next few weeks and despite all of my complaining about organizing the details, we know we will have a wonderful trip. But if you are looking for me anytime after April, for the rest of my days, I will be

somewhere near here.

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