just move on

We will start with a small minor vent. No, not really a vent just a comment and a WTF to the state of women’s equality and the sad fact that despite the tireless efforts of my mother and all of the women before and after her.. We are not there yet…

I phoned a travel agent about an alternate trip to Mexico. I spoke to the travel agent on my cell phone. I made all of the arrangements. I used my email. I paid for the trip with my credit card. It was all me..!!! I just got the confirmation statement from SunWing Vacations… The lead traveller is listed as E … When I was younger I would complain but I have grown weary/resigned. I have passed the torch to my daughter.

The fascia is done on the bunkie on three sides. Side note we need a name for the bunkie.. If this house is the Perch.. ideas?

Today E started on the flooring for the main room of the ________? Our hope is to have the flooring and heating installed before our family arrive next week. They have promised to give the first Yelp review. I’m fairly certain all will be acceptable to them except for the furniture. It’s too big.. One day when we have the time and money we will need smaller chairs in the common room. We have used the old furniture from our house in Ladner and it is toooooo big..!!

E installed a new small 24 volt battery charger in our utility cupboard. Our Dutch friends donated a 650 watt Honda generator to our property. We can now charge our batteries without turning on the 7 KW Kubota diesel generator. This small addition will save us a bunch of money. The Kubota is a work horse and a great generator but it is kind of overkill for some of the simple top ups we need. Most times we have enough solar power to run the house and just need a little top up if it has been cloudy to watch TV or if I need to use the iron for quilting. It’s good for a maintenance kind of charge.

Another friend sold us her extra 6000 Watt Yamaha and once we get it working, we will have a back up for the Kubota. I don’t know how old the Kubota is, but nothing lasts forever. Good to have a back up and now we have two!

Ok, so funny anecdote of the day. We have always had Cocker Spaniels. Not the smartest dogs in the kennel but we have never wanted a dog who is smarter than ourselves. Traditionally our dogs will bark at new people on our property but that is because they are scared sh%^less. They are soft mouthed dogs. You can give them an egg to carry and they won’t break it. They never go looking for trouble and would never hurt another animal just try to scare it away from us. You know, to save our lives.

This morning E takes the dog for his 7 am walk. There is no one on the island right now so the dog is off leash.. They walk past Vics and head up dead truck hill on the way home. There, at the top of the hill beside the water tank is a huge buck with big antlers. He is standing firm at the top of the hill staring at E and Piper. Piper crouched down on the ground and gave little growl. A few seconds passed and no one moved. So E and Piper kept walking and just went around the buck.

Piper isn’t old enough to be resigned to his fate and he isn’t particularly bright. But he is smart enough to

just move on

3 thoughts on “just move on

  1. How about Nest? As it’s nestling in the woods and it continues your theme? Looking good from across the pond. Xxxxx

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