all inclusive instead

Living on this isolated island with all of it’s joys and challenges, we often forget what baggage we arrived with and what natural limitations exist.

We have all the comforts of city living, electric fridge, lights and great internet service. So when I sit here in the winter planning my garden, it is easy to forget about droughts and deer and raccoons.. I have to remind myself to curb my enthusiasm.. The reality is, that it just isn’t worth the time and effort that it takes to grow crops like spinach. I would rather spend the water and effort on flowers, shrubs and trees….

We are addressing the gardening limitations with our rain water collection upgrade. The good news is that huge progress has been made since E fixed a few pipes and cleaned the filters.

On January 3rd we had 1400 gallons in the tanks. We had a small wager on what we would accumulate by today. E hoped for 4000, I was more optimistic at 5000. This morning we had….. drum roll please… 6200 gallons!!!!! We have now opened the first of two tanks in the garden to move 500 gallons down the hill. Fingers crossed we make it to our capacity of 8500 gallons by the end of February.

Yesterday, we had to deal with some of the medical baggage which we brought with us to the island. It is really easy to forget E’s medical issues when he is physically strong, rarely sick and resolutely optimistic. When he regularly climbs around on roof tops and lifts tree stumps, we can be forgiven for forgetting about his immune suppressed system.

We planned a three week trip to Asia to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his heart transplant. Anticipating every possible risky situation, considerations were made for all required safety measures. A nursing friend even gave us masks he could wear on the plane etc. We did not anticipate the Coronavirus.

The transplant team sent notification not to take unnecessary risks. Apparently a nineteen hour flight to Asia, and three weeks living with large crowds, often in confined spaces is, these days, risky. We aren’t normally people who freak out by “pandemics” but I figured if we went on the trip and he got sick or you know, got dead.. everyone would be mad at me and I would never hear the end of it. As much as we are able to ignore his rather serious medical baggage while we live here, it seemed pretty stupid to go on the trip as planned.

So now we are going to a Mexican

all inclusive instead

10 thoughts on “all inclusive instead

  1. “Never hear the end of it???” Really sensitivity there.

    Beach chairs? Check. Tequila? Check. Smut to read? Check Sunshine? Absolutely

    Go to Florida where you have a better chance of having a wonderful vacation without most of the risk.

    Just saying


      • We have sworn off the States, too. Too dangerous (for me)…. their ‘so-called’ bullies and tyrants in uniform bring out the worst in me. I mouth off. They’d shoot me at US Customs…..
        I even wrote a book about ICE and the new administration….Accidental Fugitives. Not great but it was very prescient. Sadly, no smut (Sal edits me).
        They ARE The Great Satan. Trump is virtually the antichrist. Like Robert DeNiro, I want to punch ’em in the face. Repeatedly. Especially Mitch McConnel. The US is currently the national equivalent of a nut house as managed by the inmates of an asylum under the direction of the Marquis De Sade. So….not really an option, is it?
        ‘Course most ‘Mericans are fine but, if they stand by while all that WAS good is torn down, then they wern’t that fine after all.


      • LOL! Not laughing because it is funny but I can barely stand to acknowledge where we as a country are. I’m 70 yrs old and for the first time glad I might not live much longer because I cannot see a way out of this horrifying mess for the US.

        We have so many wonderful things here….our beaches for example…but they are potentially all going to be in ruins along with the national parks because of the corruption of the R party. It is beyond comprehension to me or so many I know. I NEVER thought I would live to see the day when I would absolutely refuse to speak to anyone I know that supports the opposite party. But I avoid so many people now who in my opinion are too stupid toR live if they support Trump and I feel they deserve all the horrible things that will come to them….but at the same time it is too terrible to think of all the people who don’t support him and what they will have to go thru. Most of the time I’m too angry to speak about any of it coherently….I’m far to susceptible to going off on a rant.

        There is so much of it after this week that leaves my friends and I feeling like the world is coming to an end. Our food system sucks and we are being slowly poisoned. The air and water is going to be so poluted and unsafe thanks to the R’s that soon nothing will be left.

        We are planning to be as active as possible in voting the whole lot of them out. But then is that really a possibility? Knowing that they will stop at nothing and cheat as often as possible to remain there we have no idea if there is actually anything we can do. But we will do all that we can.

        But I fear stupidity has taken root to such a great degree here that there may be no hope really.

        So having said all this…..I wouldn’t bring any of your money here either. I just thought it would be safer in many ways than some of the other alternatives we are facing today. Go to Puerto Rico! They need the tourists because Trump surely screwed them over….over and over….just because they had the bad fortune to have a hurricane.

        I don’t know what the insurance issues are that ya’ll are talking about so I won’t speak to that. But soon I imagine there will be many dead Americans because T and the R’s will surely end coverage for pre-existing conditions as fast as they possibly can.T has consistently done everything he can to destroy this country and now that he has the full support of the R’s I fear there is nothing that will stop him. He does absolutely nothing to support life and only supports destruction of every thing so that will be next on his list.

        This past week and the results of the kangaroo court has shaken me to my core and I’m terrified of the future for the first time in my life I do not see any hope.

        Sorry for my rant. Pray for us.


      • I didn’t want to express my reasons for not wanting to go to the states these days, in fear of offending you, a reader. We have American friends and neighbours whom we love. My heart breaks for the world when I see what is happening in your country. I often have to remind myself that it isn’t my country. He isn’t my elected leader.
        I don’t bring politics to this blog.. or haven’t until tonight. But I welcome you here and am thrilled you visit with me..

        On a side note you have no reason to worry that E is anything but treasured and adored. He is quite aware of my concern over his health.we live it and breathe it all day every day.


      • Thanks for your reply. I’ve never really spoken of politics in my entire life. I have always felt that everyone’s individual experience reflects how they feel and it was basically none of my business. But after the past few years I am feeling that none of us can afford to not be involved… loudly as we can ….to attempt to save this country. At one time I would have thought that to even think this way was preposterous. Now I think maybe that is how we got here. Who knows. Even though I feel so helpless I will attempt to participate because to not do so will surely result in what I fear the most.n

        And I’m glad to know LOL that E is cherished and adored!! And so blessed to be thriving. Where ever you decide to vacation I hope you have a wonderful and warm time. I live in the South so warm is something we take for granted..

        I really apologize for my rant tonight. I feel such fear that I’m having a difficult time reigning it in.


  2. Not a fan of Mexico these days……perhaps fewer germs but many many more shootouts. Thirty five thousand murdered last year and that was NOT a bad year! Still, I get it…..we help our immune systems with sunshine and we help our mood. Just remember; no one’s immune system is tough enough to stop a bullet. “Dave! Thats horrible! What are you saying?” I am just being negative – thus proving i need some sunshine, too. But I would also suggest considering Portugal, Argentina or even Panama over Mexico……less disease and fewer shoot-outs. If you ignore me, I understand completely. Have a great time.


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