Know eagles kiss

I was supposed to be cleaning the house. One of the realities of hibernating at this time of year is that house cleaning doesn’t seem of much use. It’s just the two of us. Does the floor really need to be clean?

But I couldn’t stand it any more. With the best of intentions I put my sewing machine away and headed for the vacuum cleaner.

E was under the house in the muck fixing pipes and such. So I was unsupervised and I, as I tend to do when left on my own, peeked out the window to see what wildlife was about. I noticed that our resident eagles were sitting in the tree at the cut outside my window. They were sitting on the same branch. They never sit on the same branch unless they are feeling romantic.

Whoo hoo.. Eagle love! I dropped my dustpan grabbed my coat, boots, blanket, and camera. Sat myself down in the rain and the cold, hood up and watched my two friends cuddle for a couple of hours. It was all just snuggling. They took the actual baby making behind closed doors.

Needless to say it was a welcome diversion from house cleaning. Did you

know eagles kiss?

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