himself with glee

The rain started pouring yesterday afternoon and the temperatures rose to seven degrees. I let the fire go out in the afternoon as the house was sitting at 24.. We didn’t put any wood on all night.

This morning when I got up, the house was still 17 and it was 7 degrees outside. A huge difference from just last week when we were getting up to 13 and -3. I used the opportunity of a cold fireplace to empty the ashes. When we moved here we didn’t empty them often enough. We have since learned that that particular chore is best done as often as possible. The fireplace then heats more efficiently.

Although it seems like we have been burning a lot of firewood, we have only used one chord of our stash so far. I imagine there are several contributing factors. One, is that most of the wood we have been burning this winter is well dried (at least three years old). Most of it has, by design been the gold standard of heat efficiency, arbutus. Another reason could be our unintended decision to not keep the fire going during the night.

We used three chords of wood last year. It was surprising and we felt we could do better this year without sacrificing our comfort. I have chosen to live off the grid. That does not mean I need to be cold. Sure, last week I wore my silk long johns 24/7, but we were quite comfortable. Well, as comfortable as you can be with no running water.

I finished the top for the quilt I started for my grand daughter. Just waiting for the backing to arrive at our city post office box, via amazon. I’m starting another today.. They are by no means works of art, I call them diet quilts. Very different from Paleo and South Beach diets, yet very effective for keeping my hands busy.

With the snow melted and the current torrential downpours of rain the island is a giant mud puddle. I love the sound of it. The ponds are swelling. The pipes are flowing. The tanks are filling and Piper is covered in mud and beside

himself with glee

2 thoughts on “himself with glee

  1. At the cabin we don’t have a night fire even on the coldest nights. We can chill down a lot because of the uninsulated floor hovering over the lake water but otherwise it is too hot to sleep in our loft bedroom. The question is, who will venture down first in the morning to stoke it back up. – Margy


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