the list yet

Our dithering is over about the bunkie heating solution. I don’t know what we had been thinking when we considered taking apart the new wall and redoing the roof line to build an alcove for an air tight stove. Honestly, what was in that eggnog?

We ordered a Martin 11,000 btu propane heater. It direct vents through the wall. It can easily heat the 320 square foot cabin. The feature I like the most is the automatic shut off valve. Propane won’t be wasted if it is accidentally left on. I’m not sure how often the bunkie will be used during the colder months. This heater should be just fine. It will be here, ready for installation next week.

E began laying the flooring in the cabin today. He has to do all the fussy cuts around the doors first. It was frustrating work. He was not a happy camper. It shouldn’t take too long though, once he starts on the common room. Theoretically, there will be floors and heat by the time our guests arrive for family day weekend in February.

When I was at the fabric store last month I was waiting in line chatting with the woman beside me. She said to me “I swore I would not buy any more material until I used up all of the fabric in my cupboard” I looked down at the pile of fat quarters, and bolts of cloth in front of her waiting to be purchased and asked “How is that working for you” We laughed and laughed…

I started a little baby quilt today. My friend gave me some cotton material which I thought I could use up quickly. I’m hoping E won’t complain that my fabric stash is taking over the guest bedroom if it looks like I’m making some small progress.

I have four seed catalogues on my coffee table. I am not planting too many vegetables this year but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Packages of tomato and pumpkin seeds have already arrived. Not really sure how I will get my seeds started mid March. I won’t be here and it is unlikely there will be a greenhouse by then.

Just between you and me, I suggested to E that we stick with a simpler plan for heating the bunkie claiming it would be much less work for him. But if we are going to be completely honest, I just figured if we redid that wall for an airtight stove, I would never get a greenhouse. As it is, a greenhouse is unlikely to be built in time for this years seed starts. Maybe we will have a very productive April, but it isn’t at the top of

the list yet.


2 thoughts on “the list yet

  1. The bunkie looks amazing. My mother was the one who had a huge stash of fabric. She loved to go to the many small shops that sold bolt ends and small pieces. She was only 5’1′ and small so she could make a dress or skirt out of just about any piece they had in the store. – Margy


    • Lucky woman.. This is all new to me and I cannot get over how pretty the fabric is.. I want to buy it all but have no idea how I am going to use it.. I just figure when I am seventy I will be able to say that I have been sewing for ten years and have a clue what I am doing… I am not there yet though..


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