E, the beaver and me

Everything we want to remember about 2019 could be a pretty boring blog post, but the information needs to be humbly recorded for the future benefit of mankind.


With a capacity of 8500 gallons we never got past 6000 stored in the tanks. If the day should ever arise when we collect more than 8500, we will add more tanks. There is no such thing as too much water in storage. We end theyear with 1600 gallons stored which is water we caught in December. We were out completely at the end of November.

Our rain water catchment system is fully functioning with a successful water filtration system. We can now drink both the water from our well and that which comes off our metal roof.

The water boiler attached to the wood stove is working great and we are able to turn off the propane on demand system when there is a fire burning.

The Garden

The pumpkins were great this year. The tomatoes were only so-so. The flowers, pond and fish were fabulous. Unless we start getting more water saved, the garden will continue to frustrate me. I have committed to growing more flowers and fewer vegetables. I planted 400 daffodil/hyacinth bulbs and if the squirrels don’t get them all, it should be very pretty around here next spring.

After the drastic pruning measures taken last January, the roses were the prettiest they have ever been, the plum crop was abundant and there were more apples than we could manage.


We had a great year health wise. No kidney stones for either of us. No migraines and no arthritis flair ups. Fewer heart transplants, shoulder replacements or metal plates installed than previous years. I suspect the dieting helped, with a combined sixty pounds less of us. Healthy eating…. Who knew?


We had 76 guest nights this year. Most of those guests paid in full with their labour working on the bunkie. Our granddaughter was here ten nights and honestly, she really doesn’t keep up her fair share of the work load. She has other redeeming qualities.


I was off island for sixteen nights. Five for our trip to the States and the rest for our recent Christmas trip. E was off island two more nights than me while he went for his checkup at the Transplant clinic.


Our brother in law milled fir so E could finish the window sills in the bedrooms and bathroom of the main house. The siding is also now complete and stained.

After Easter with the kids it occurred to us that perhaps it was time to entertain building a bunkie for our growing family. With much dithering we decided to go ahead with the project. The cabin still needs the flooring, back porch and front deck rails installed. The siding is almost finished but needs some staining.

We can not decide on how we are going to heat it. Originally, we were going to put a propane heater against the wall. We have changed our minds. (We change our minds a lot and that is part of the reason nothing ever gets finished here)

The current top contender is to add an alcove to the existing bunkie structure with room for a wood stove. This will require going backwards. We will have to cut a hole out of E’s beautiful wall. We have scheduled making a final decision for next week.


With Sami’s death in February, we are down to one dog and will stay with just the one. We have a family wedding this year and another child now co-habitating so our numbers are growing. The bunkie really couldn’t wait any longer.


Quite a few visits from the whales this spring. Not many since the summer. No herring spawn nearby this year. One of our resident deer died but we have two still hanging around daily.


I helped with the island raffle quilt. Made a smaller lap quilt for me, two Christmas tree skirts for my kids, a bookcase quilt for my niece, a variety of tote bags for gifts and a casserole caddy which I am not proud of.

In summary,

It has been a great year and would like to finish it by wishing you all the very best for 2020. I really do appreciate the time you take to spend with me. 66,000 times you have read what I have to say and that is incredibly kind. I will try to make you laugh more this year with very little crying.

Like our fish, we are thriving as we live this life. I am fully aware it isn’t for everyone. But it is the one for

E, the beaver and Me

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