off my chest

It is 3:30 on December 30th 2019 and we are home and sorta unpacked. We were up at 5 and on the road at 6:30 am. I have absolutely no idea how we ended up with more stuff coming home than we had heading out. I refuse to accept the blame. I contributed just one bag of quilting material.

Last night, we had a lovely evening with friends who will be caring for our home when we are away in March… She took the notes and he poured the wine. I am confident our house will be in good hands. There was more wine poured than notes taken.

We made a reservation for the 7:45 am ferry because we couldn’t get one for the 10:15. True to form we arrived an hour early and the boat was empty. That was a $17.00 reservation fee well spent.

With no small thanks to my in-laws I believe this was the best Christmas we have had since we moved here. It was relaxed at their home and the vacation continued just the right length of time.

We returned to our house pre-warmed by yet more of my in-laws. It was a balmy 13 degrees. I can not stress to you how happy we are to be here. Partly because once I sat down in my chair with a newly opened bottle of Pinot Noir, a pod of sea lions swam below me as if to say “where the heck were you?” but mostly I am content to be here, knowing that I will be seeing my granddaughter almost monthly til July.

Men folks you can just scroll on by you won’t be interested in my next vent.

At a lovely dinner party with old friends in Burnaby, we ran into a woman I don’t really know very well. Lets call her Doozy. Doozy is maybe four years older than me. I am sure she will never read this blog because she doesn’t have the slightest interest in our lives here. Doozy greeted me with “Oh, you let your hair go white. I would never do that. I am not ready to look old.”

We live on an island and our water is well or rain water. Very minerally (is that a word) .. Even if I wanted to colour my hair I couldn’t do it myself with this water. It would turn green.

I do not go to town often and when I do, I have not got the luxury of spending hours in the “beauty parlor”. I am at Home Depot buying doohickies.

Thirdly, it costs a lot of frickin money to have your hair coloured which as far as I’m concerned is money better spent on wine…

Fourthly, I went grey when I was 30 after my first born. Grey hair had everything to do with me being of Scottish heritage. It had nothing to do with being old,

Fifthly, judging by our similar hair colours, almost every woman on the island here agrees with me and I would like to see Doozy call them “Old” when they have spent their day clearing downed trees or pouring concrete.

Sixthly, who the hell says that to someone?……

whew… I vented. sorry…

Tomorrow, we can do a recap of the year, but I just needed to get that

off my chest

4 thoughts on “off my chest

  1. LOL!!! On “who the hell”? It’s a good thing you hadn’t had a whole lot of whine!! :)))

    I live in the hills of Tennessee and really enjoy your stories of your home and projects! Although I’m only imagining the nature all around you it sounds quite wonderful to me. I’m a bit envious I think! I lived far out in the country for a lot of years but moved to town when my health took a turn but I much preferred the solitary and I miss it.

    My sister lives in Bellingham and someday I hope to visit to see some of that gorgeous area for myself.


    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting.. Welcome.. My fathers family was from Tennessee way back in the day.. If I remember correctly they donated the land for the Memphis City Hall or something.. You must visit your sister.. the islands off Bellingham are just like ours and lovely… Again.. thank you for reading!!!!


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