Dare say, love

Sure it was the Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Victoria, Ladner, Vancouver Christmas friendship tour but that didn’t stop me from visiting two fabric stores along the way. One in Duncan and one on Granville Island.

We told my granddaughter this morning that we were taking her to Granville Island for her entertainment when, in actuality, I wanted to go to the quilting store and buy fabric on sale. I’m fairly certain that my selfishness was lost on her. She is two. She got to eat shortbread cookies and dance to the music of a busker. As you all well know, nothing encapsulates the joy of the season more than a good rendition of Harry Chapin’s, Cat’s in the Cradle.

I am left now at the end of our Christmas tour with ten extra pounds on my ass, 900 km travelled on the engine of our car, a hefty dose of quality time with our family, reconnections with friends and………..a ton of fabric.

Our plan is to go back to the island this week and settle into our welcome routine. E will resume work on the bunkie. Once I get the island newsletter published and a bit of other writing done which I have planned, I will continue my education in quilting. Quilting and dieting go very well together and I need to get back on the WW horse.

We have a trip planned for the spring and I am determined to enjoy my time by the pool in Singapore. I’m half way to my dieting goal. I was further in July but my love of wine, pasta and now, apparently, gingerbread, defeated me. I’m giving you a heads up that my postings may be boring as I go alcohol free til March.

And so the Christmas Season draws to a hefty close.

To my brother who took care of our dog, my in-laws who lent us their house, my son and daughter in-law who lent us their baby, our friends who hosted dinners, our friends and family who visited, our friends who let us sleep on their pillows, our son who watched hockey with us, our daughter and boyfriend who hosted dinners……Well really to all of you in our lives…

Thank you.. Our lives as we have been given would not be so perfect without your support, kindness, friendship and I

dare say, Love.