To one ethnicity

E calls it the Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Victoria, Ladner, Vancouver Christmas friendship tour 2019. We are on leg four with 450 km under our belt so far.

I have already eaten far more gingerbread than can reasonably be justified to my scale. I don’t know about yours, but my scale can be particularly judgmental at this time of year. We left it at home.

Tremendous whale show at active pass this morning. The ferry, as you can imagine was packed with children. The Captain alerted everyone on the PA system and the kids were given a close up view of the whale’s feeding habits. At least they did, once their parents figured out which side of the ship was port.

Luckily, E was sleeping in the car (on the port side) at the time and was able to get a good video and some nice pictures.

We have a busy schedule ahead of us this week and are thrilled we were offered the chance to take care of a family member’s house while they are away. This will be our base for the next ten days. So much better than a hotel. We are eternally grateful.

A beautiful home with lots of water to fill as many hot baths as we want, heat which I don’t have to carry down the hill, power even when it’s raining, a liquor store nearby and people who will bring hot food to me anytime I want it, even in the rain!

For the next ten days we are those kind of people who live in the city and just dial the phone and have food, any kind we want, brought to our door. To our door! I am beside myself with excitement and am having a tough time narrowing tonight’s dinner choice down to

just one ethnicity.

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