lost in Translation

The dog has needed a new bed since he grew out of the one he had as an infant. I was on Pinterest the other day looking for quilting ideas when an ad popped up for a doggy bed. Not just any doggy bed. The world’s greatest doggy bed. How Pinterest knew that Piper was in need, is bordering on creepy. I took the bait and clicked on the reviews. Four and a half stars… One customer went so far as to detail why she was so pleased with the product.

  1. No unpleasant smell, washed in the typewriter, the dog really liked

Needless to say, I was convinced. The bed arrived last week. As advertised, the dog likes it and when the time comes and the bed needs washing I will bring out the typewriter which we have in storage.

Two days ago we had run out of water. With the mindset that the fall rains would arrive any day we used the 1200 gallons we had in storage willy nilly. Daily hot soaking baths, washing and sterilizing wine bottles, washing a summers worth of grime off the house, but we were confident we would have plenty. But the rains never came. November rainfall here is typically 160 mm but we only had 60 mm.

Wednesday it started to rain. Yesterday it poured. Such a welcome sound. For the first time since last spring there were puddles on the island. We caught 1200 gallons of water in 24 hours. Happy dance…..

We were in town on a gas run while the rain poured on us. Loading the boat we got soaked but it never stopped us from smiling. Nothing better than the sounds of water pouring down our pipes to the loading tank.

We stopped in at our favourite hole in the wall restaurant in town to get warm and to dry out a little bit. The restaurant was decorated for the Christmas season. Very festive, but I’m fairly certain that the decorations came from the same place as our new dog bed.

Some how Santa had been

lost in translation

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