everything goes well

Still not much rain to speak of. Those water tanks aren’t going to fill themselves! We haven’t been able to track our rainfall lately because the battery was dead on our weather station.. Wind was tracking fine but not the rain accrual.

So E climbed out on the perch to change the battery. There was a lot of swearing going on. Definitely not one of his humming jobs Piper tried to help but it was an awkward problem on an narrow cliff edge and Piper’s paws were useless.

While E was inclined to be out on the edge, he took the opportunity to upgrade the thingamajiggy box to our satellite. We aren’t quite sure why it needs to be changed but we are assured it will make a difference some how. Not quite sure if it was worth the risk, but E was game. He can swim.

In between baking and eating pumpkin spice muffins I continue to work on the island newsletter. I am still waiting on three articles (you know who you are) and a bit of ad copy. Putting all of the articles together is kind of like playing tetris and I am terrible at tetris. But it is coming together nicely. Then we will proof read and rearrange and proof read it some more before we put it away and forget about it over Christmas. We plan to publish it at the beginning of January if

everything goes well.

3 thoughts on “everything goes well

  1. Life on the island continues to provide death defieing challenges to get those chores completed. Oh well, it’s just part of island life and we know we won’t go back to the city. HANG IN THERE Ian.

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