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It was a dark and stormy night yet we set out fearlessly. We braved the torrential conditions for what we considered an invite most important. A game of Bridge. One of the few activities which could lure me away from my fire, my book and my Baileys on such a night.

Before dinner E went down to check on the water tank under our front deck to see how much rain we were catching from our roof. Coincidentally, the pump was running at the time. The pump comes on automatically when the tank hits about 350 gallons, sending the rain water way up the hill to our storage tanks.

We started November with 1300 gallons of water saved in the upper tanks. Not so very much when you consider we need 8000 to be at capacity. Capturing 350 gallons since the rain started in the afternoon was very satisfying to say the least.

Now, the next few sentences are for Mary, maybe Ron, and a few Annes. The rest of you can jump ahead a bit. It was a great night for the girls at the Bridge table last night. Unlike recent weeks, we had all the cards. For the first time in my life I got a grand slam!! Sure, We only bid four but still.. We got a grand slam.. Never had one before… 🙂

When we came home at 11 pm, E checked the tank. Again, the pump was pumping. Another 350 gallons… 700 gallons in one day. If you remember, previously, when pumping water from our well was our only option, we were only ever able to acquire 30 gallons per day. You can see what an improvement rain water catchment can be for us.

That said, it hasn’t rained very much this fall but we have every expectation that over the next few months there will be plenty to fill our tanks. Especially if yesterday is any indication.. We started November 1 with 1300 gallons and we are now at 2400.

I don’t often go up to the top portion of our property where the water tanks sit. This picture though, taken from the highest point of our property gives you an idea of where the new bunkie sits.

All in all, it was a very good day. Now to get back

to my book

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