don’t judge me

It has been my experience, that the coldest months here on the island and therefore greatest chance for a snowfall are November and February. It was fifteen degrees Celsius here this weekend.

Sure today the sun is no where to be seen. We have thick fog.

But the water is flat calm and it is ten degrees outside. The fireplace is lit but I keep the window open over my shoulder to listen for the occasional passing sea lion.

Piper and I were out filling the bird feeder this morning and through the fog we could here a sea lion below us huffing and puffing. It’s probably not a picture of Piper’s best side but you can see how hard he tries to see what’s huffing and puffing below us.

Those pots are filled with daffodil and hyacinth bulbs. Not particularly attractive at this point but they hold great promise.

It has been a year since I took the time to read a book. Friends have brought me their offerings. John, Kathy, Anne, Sue, Alison, lots of you have visited and left me a book or two. I thank you. They have sat safely on my bookshelf waiting for me to return to my favorite past time in the whole wide world. My problem, and I have confessed it many times before to you is that I start and I don’t stop. I get nothing accomplished until I finish a book started. If it is a book in a series, I can go weeks before I put the author down. Let us not forget June of 2014 when I read 26 John Sanford books in thirty days.

But my sewing is finished and I have no where I have to be. The garden is packed up for the winter and we have no guests until the spring. I’m supposed to be writing the island newsletter but it can wait til January. I have scheduled the next four weeks for reading. I am going to sit in my chair by the window, fire lit and try my best to work through my stash. It might even be time to open my Baileys. I will accomplish nothing else before Christmas. Please

don’t judge me

One thought on “don’t judge me

  1. I have another title for you, but not the book. I too have the painful disease of not being able to put down a book I like until it is done, usually about 4 in the morning. I and many of our friends just love “ Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. It combines a love of nature with a gripping story. Impossible to get at the library, there are so many holds on it. Get it for Christmas. Keep blogging Anne G

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