is all fixed

I offered to drive to knit night last night. As I pulled away from our property in the dark I could not see one thing out of my window. The fan wasn’t working to dry the moisture on the inside of the front window and the windshield wipers are bent and don’t touch the window. They are unable to clean the outside. The headlights were burnt out so I put on the high beams. They were working but tilt straight up. I had a great view of the tree tops. The only light I had came from the blinking red light reminding me the truck needed gas.

I pulled into my friend’s driveway and explained that she was going to have to open her window and participate in the navigation portion of the driving to knit night. To her credit she remained fairly calm when we got nearer to a ditch than is normally recommended. She was quite vocal though with her opinion that although we didn’t end up in the ditch, it was not an appropriate time to be speeding up.

I know I have mentioned before that E hates working on cars. Well he does. In his defense at least my truck has doors. There are those on the island that don’t.

Very little rain happening. The tanks up top have enough water for our day to day needs but we aren’t getting the supplies we need to fill them for next summer.

E has now connected a new heating coil to the stove so our hot water is free again. The hot water will be free as long as the stove is hot. I know the stove is hot because Sunday night, in the dark, I tripped on a piece of wood sitting on the hearth and steadied myself by putting my hand flat down on the top of it. Fortunately, I have really good drugs and it was the toughest part of the skin on my palm which touched the heat. It could have been a lot worse and was a really good reminder to maybe turn on a light when I’m putting a log on the fire.

I have been sewing all day every day. I have almost finished the projects I need finished before Christmas. I have another quilt I’d like to make this winter and a stack of books to read but I need to put a newsletter together for the island and that should probably happen first.

The temperatures are mild and there are tons of jelly fish in the waters.

We need just a little bit more cedar to finish the cabin siding. It will be another week or so before it is ready so E was able to take some time to look at my truck. He did and I am told it

is all fixed.

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