than the next

A tale of two days, on our island.

Yesterday morning I was up early and began to write a blog post. It began like this………………

The problem with the hours I keep these days is that when I get up the heat hasn’t come on yet. In his defense, it’s pretty darned early in the morning when I get up and he works hard. Not a problem. I just pile the wood into the fireplace and cuddle under my blanket with my coffee while I let the arbutus logs work their btu magic. In all honesty, I admit the heater does deserve to sleep til 6 am. if he really wants to..

It is blowing really hard outside and coming in from the north like it is, we are very exposed. The rain is hitting the windows and the tree branches keep activating the motion detector lights. I have nowhere I have to be and would be quite content if this weather comes again next week and I can just curl up with a book. Maybe I can break open the winter Baileys. But we have a ton of things we want to get done this week and I am really hoping the weather calms.

I didn’t finish yesterday’s blog post because I still needed to deal with my harvested apples and had run out of excuses to avoid the bins of ripe fruit any longer. The weather didn’t in fact ever calm and although E tried working up at the cabin it was miserable and he couldn’t keep the plywood sheets he was dealing with under control. After I made six vacuum packs of apple pie filling for the freezer, I went up to try to help him and lasted all of ten seconds. It was just stupid wind. (blowing 34.6 kmh, gusting 47.5 kmh) I suggested we both take the rest of the day off.

Which brings us to today. No wind, flat calm, blue skies, no clouds, an absolutely perfect fall day. We were up at the cabin early.

I got a big burn pile going and puttered in and around the garden. We bought four high grade plywood boards at 43 dollars a piece to make beds. Today was bed making day. E used two of them for his first attempt at furniture making. Mattresses to come. Tomorrow he can make the second one. This will allow our guests to get up off the floor. Next week when we have more time we can paint them and then start to lay the flooring.

Living on an island full time, exposed at the edge of a cliff by the water, our weather can make one day very different

than the next

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