upgrade to glamping

Nothing more fun for me than playing in the dirt. I spent the afternoon in the garden planting bulbs. Seventy Giant Hyacinth mixed in with forty-nine Delnashaugh Daffodils on the edge of what was a large vegetable garden. Then, I started moving a bunch of flat rocks into the garden to test the idea of laying a path to separate the newly planted flowers from what will now be a much smaller vegetable garden.

Today, E continued to install systems into the cabin. If you don’t have systems then you really are just camping. The cabin now has lights, running water and a toilet which flushes. He installed the solar powered 12 volt water pump and a septic system which honestly, let’s agree, is a big day.

Tomorrow he is finishing the installation of the on demand hot water heater. We found a portable 75,000 btu outdoor heater which we can detach and put away in the winter when it isn’t needed. It’s installed, just needs to be hooked up.

There are no beds yet. We are working on it but honestly, last Thanksgiving when our family visited they were sleeping in tents so I think they will be happy with the

upgrade to glamping

One thought on “upgrade to glamping

  1. Without family we don’t get many visitors to the cabin. When they do come we have a downstairs room with a double bed. They have an ensuite (well, that’s where we added the indoor compost toilet bathroom) but have to share the room with our indoor wood storage shelf. In summer, they can use a tent on the deck. In fact, when it gets hot so do we. – Margy


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