Going to change

E had a very rewarding day yesterday.. He spent the day under the house attaching the wiring of the cabin to the load centre of our house. The solar panel system we already have installed has plenty of power available, especially in the summer and it will easily support the cabin.

Nothing better than wiring the cabin then hooking it into the main electrical system then flicking the switch and….. nothing blowing up.

I had a great day in the garden. Second only to the first burn pile of the fall, packing the garden up for winter is a favourite day for me. I threw out plants I am bored with, pruned back the perennials, and moved tons of plants around to new homes. The mulch is all down in the flower garden and I have temporarily put a tarp down on the vegie portion.

When all the maple leaves are down (November) I will shred them and put them on the vegie garden soil. Then I will top it with sea soil and retarp it til spring.

I have long been frustrated with the vegie garden. I spend all of this money and time on vegie seeds. I use my valuable water to water vegies that we can’t use fast enough. We don’t need forty scallopini squash. And so…..I have decided to give in to my real love and have reduced the vegie patch..and added more flowers..

Next summer I am going to only grow asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, garlic and pumpkin. The rest of the garden is going to be turned over to flowers. When and if E ever has a moment to build the greenhouse I am going to use it for growing flowers. I love flowers and I want to grow them and give them my water.

I’m a flower gardener and that is just never

going to change

2 thoughts on “Going to change

  1. For a variety of reasons I didn’t do much gardening this year and it was quite a relief. Like you, it produces more than we can eat but only for a short time. I’ve done canning for tomatoes and cucumbers, but you can only use so many pickles and relish. My float garden has been refurbished, but I think I’ll keep it simple again next summer. That way we can go out in the boat to explore and not worry about rushing home to water. – Margy


    • It’s like having pets isn’t it? Ties you down.. worrying that its getting enough water or that the critters have been at it… I imagine exploring on the water is a great deal of fun… We haven’t done much of it and probably won’t now.. but it must be wonderful..


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