hang of doors

I finished the required sixteen quilt squares for my seat covers. Actually, I must have been on a roll cause I made an extra one. Wasn’t too long ago, (last year) that it took me a whole day to make one. We still can’t decide what color to paint the table and chairs. Not a big problem. Actually, this part of the project is kind of fun.

Huge winds today. More tomorrow. I have a front row seat to watch the storm and I often get distracted. (hence the extra quilt square) We didn’t even put the bird feeders out. The birds will have to fend for themselves until I am sure the feeders aren’t going to fly off the cliff.

First big pot of soup for the winter is on the stove. Basically, everything in the fridge leftover from our weekend guests and my daughter’s visit went into the pot. Little bit of bacon, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, chicken breasts, tomatoes, Boursin cheese, cream cheese, wine and onions. I’ll let it sit on the stove for a couple of days and it will be delish.. If not, at least the fridge is cleaned out!

E went up to the cabin with the jamb skills he learned yesterday and installed the bedroom doors and the french doors out to the front deck. The bedroom doors were our old cupboard doors and the french doors used to lead out to the perch at the front of the old house. Just one door more to finish, the door to the bathroom but at least now we are closed up from the elements.

I think they look fantastic. Safe to say he now has the

hang of doors

8 thoughts on “hang of doors

  1. The cabin is coming along nicely. I haven’t made soup yet. We are in town and I don’t have the gumption to cook as much as when I am home at the cabin with all my great ingredients at hand. We will be leaving soon for an RV trip south so that would be a good time to cook up some hot soup to enjoy on the road through the cold country. – Margy


  2. That looks like a very nice Cottage πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Good for you, both on that new building!
    I made a soup yesterday the very same way; cleaning out the fridge 🀣. But mine has to be minus salt, these days. So I need to add flavour somehow. So in goes salsa, with a 1/2 doz spices in my cupboard 🀣. Glad to see you are quilting as well.
    Till next time, enjoy Storm watching.
    Gail ❀️


  3. Ahh Moira, storms, soup, happy summer memories… does life get any better?? And everything safe & sound. It’s still September, what a great start to fall. Cheers, Nikki

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