is very rewarding

Yesterday, E put the shovel into the ground where we hoped to move the Bramley apple tree and much to his delight found soil, lots of soil, not rock. Typically, we have a hard time planting anything outside the fenced garden.. Rocks are a big problem for gardeners on this island.

So the Bramley is moved to a nice sunny location on the opposite side of the lane from our other apple trees. I am hoping it will be much happier there.

The garlic is planted. Russian Red. I planted them much deeper and further apart than last year. Maybe I will have better success. I can’t think why else the crop was so useless this year.

Our septic tanks and final 1×8 boards arrived yesterday. E brought them over from the near-by island after the store brought them down to the dock at high tide.

Today, E started to build the door frames. We could have bought pre-made door jambs but they were over four dollars per foot. Although E had no idea how to make the jambs it seemed easy enough and the 1×8’s were cheap. It took longer than he would have wanted, but now that he has done it once the rest should go smoother.

This door used to be our bedroom door in the old house. The window on the right is the bathroom window and was the bathroom window on the old house. I have no idea where the one on the left came from. My girlfriend and I painted it all black to go better with the cedar siding.

I want to make cushion covers for the chairs in the bunkie and need to quilt sixteen squares. Today, I made eight of what I need.

Tomorrow, there are big winds expected. E will be back up at the cabin putting the french doors in and I will be back at the sewing machine. I love this time of year. We can work at our own pace, on our own projects. It

is very rewarding

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