Like this island

When we told people we were leaving our island to see, not only one concert but four concerts by the same artist they would ask who and why?

We would reply Mark Knopfler and rarely would anyone know who he is. He used to be with Dire Straits, we would describe. Ah they would reply, I have heard of them. Despite the fact that Knopfler has been on his own since 1995 and released at least ten albums since Dire Straits seemed awkwardly unhelpful. He is a prolific poetic lyricist and one of the top ten guitarists of all time.

Our eagerness to see all we could of him while he was touring, for maybe his last time, bordered on stalking but we were determined fans and resolute in the commitment we made at his last concert in 2015.

We met our friend, let’s call him Paul In Seattle, and we three headed to Portland for concert number one at the Keller Auditorium. Row seven, $164.00 per ticket. We were, to simplify the feelings, in bliss and left the first night wanting more.

Night number two was at an outdoor winery amphitheatre. In Seattle, general admission $116.00…… Low backed chairs, blanket, table, cheese, crackers and wine..lots and lots of wine.. We sang, we danced. We, to use a term ours peers might understand.. went all Woodstock…

Night number three, was again outdoors at the St. Michelle winery. I might add now if you ever have the chance to see a concert at the St Michelle winery in Woodinville, do it. James Taylor, Chris Isaak, Alisha Keys, ZZ Top, Gypsy Kings have played there recently. I drank a little less wine on night number three as I missed my favourite song the night before standing in line at the washroom. But again on night number three we sang and we danced. I got to share an evening with E and one of his oldest and dearest friends.

Back to Vancouver to the Orpheum for concert number four, row ten, paying $210.00 per ticket. We still weren’t doubting our sanity.. In fact there was discussion of flying to Berkeley for the next show..

E and I don’t travel much, if at all. But this was definitely a bucket list kind of week. Much of the enjoyment of the entire experience is sharing it with two of my favourite people in the world. To see these two guys, who face daunting mortality challenges, share a moment of sheer joy when they hear the first chords of Speedway at Nazareth makes every single penny worth it.

We would be crazy not to see Knopfler for four shows in four nights. We would be mad not to spend the money that a two week winter vacation to Mexico would cost.

Life is short and the opportunity is unlikely to ever happen again. These two guys are my hero’s and Mark Knopfler, is one of the world’s secret gems, kinda

Like this island

6 thoughts on “Like this island

  1. Congratulations !! We often wish we had gone to see someone following their performance. You did it up big time. We only get the chance to go around one time so make the best of it
    Sounds like you did.


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