Any time soon

We ended up going to town yesterday for paint. E loves to paint and wanted to see that particular job finished.. This morning he painted the final coat in the guest cabin. I’m happy with the colour although it wasn’t the shade I expected and I don’t really see why Behr needs 52 different hues of white. But happily the painting is now finished except for, as with everything on this island, the part we can’t finish til the supplies arrive. We are waiting on some 1×8 trim.

My abilities to paint are limited to patio furniture, garden decorations and weather vanes. Long ago we agreed that I wouldn’t go anywhere near our walls. So I took the opportunity to stay out of his way and clean the house for my daughter’s arrival tomorrow. Ironic isn’t it? I now clean our house for the kid who used to do my house cleaning for me..

This afternoon E began installing the cabin lighting. My electrical abilities are infinitely less than my painting abilities so once again I stayed out of his way.

I have a huge freezer and I have been expecting to go to Costco to fill it with meat for the winter. It seemed like a good idea to write a list out of what is in the freezer for my daughters menu planning and my winter shopping list. I got a cooler to put the freezer’s contents while I sorted them. Then I got a second one cause one wasn’t enough. Then it seemed like a good idea to defrost and clean the freezer. It hadn’t been done in two years.. Food was everywhere, water everywhere. It wasn’t pretty.

What I learned from this activity is that apparently all summer when I bought groceries, I bought two or three of everything. Cooking one and putting the rest into the back of the freezer. I had lost complete control of the situation. It was madness, MADNESS, I tell you.. The list of the freezer contents is two pages long!

On the upside I don’t need to go to Costco for meat

any time soon.

Beautiful fall day today

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