Butter and bananas

Our local eagles are long gone. Hard to say when. It was maybe a month or so ago I realized I didn’t have them waking me at first light. They will be back in December once they have finished feeding in near by rivers. The Canadian Geese shout their goodbyes often during the day as they head south. Most of the hummingbirds have gone. We have three who usually stay for the winter with us and it looks like they are staying again this year.

The pond has maybe twenty healthy goldfish. I feed them til October, then I ignore them and they kind of go to sleep til spring. We have a net over the top to discourage the Heron and Kingfisher from snacking. Our resident seal has survived the summer’s transient whale visits. Every morning he swims past my window to let me know he is ok. This will be our eighth winter here and I am finally getting used to the rhythm of living on the nature channel.

I have a new squirrel feeder for my winter’s entertainment.

A rabbit has set up residence on our driveway. This week he found a way into our garden. He walked right past the vegetables and ate all of my amaranth. Obviously a higher class of cottontail than your regular carrot eating bugs bunny sort.

I am frustrated with the garden. I really am considering turning it mostly into flowers and shrubs with a few pumpkins, peas, asparagus and tomatoes thrown in. It really is a lot of bother to water vegetables which E doesn’t eat. I can get what I need from the local farmers markets.

We had thought we needed to cut down a huge Maple tree which is growing at the entrance to our property. It is shading one of the apple trees. A Bramley seedling hasn’t grown in the seven years we have been here. It should be huge by now. It is such a shame because I really do love that Maple. This week we had the brilliant idea that the Maple can stay where it is if we just move the Bramley.. duh!!!! So now I need to walk about the property and pick the perfect spot. September is the month I move plants around in the garden. It’s time to make a decision about how I can best enjoy the space.

The dry walling portion of our project is finished. Whoo who!! Let the bells ring. E has now finished the first coat of paint through out most of the cabin but of course we have run out of paint and need more to finish the second coat. The second coat is going to have to wait til next week when we are back. I painted the primer coat on the old adirondack chairs we got from our neighbours.

E wants me to thank John for the extension pole he bought him to paint the higher walls. Thanks John!

Just a thought, but maybe instead of growing flowers or vegetables in my garden E would enjoy the harvest more if I learned how to grow peanut

butter and bananas

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