his own dinner

After I had watered the veggie garden this morning I tasted an apple off the Gravenstein tree. I taste apples off of all three of our trees every morning. Most mornings I spit it out and toss the remainder into the salal for the deer. But today it was delicious and juice poured down my chin. I added picking the Gravenstein apples to our very long day’s to do lists.

The deer had eaten the fruit from all of the lower branches. The little darlings stand on their hind legs and graze happily.

Not to worry, there were plenty more to go around. Lots fell on the ground when we were picking them. The critter’s evening meal will be easier to get to than normal. At the end of our task we ended up with 50 pounds. The Gravenstein are good for eating, baking and canning. I plan to make some apple sauce and apple pie filling with them.

We still have two more trees to harvest but they aren’t ready yet, Jonagold and Kings. The Jonagold are also good for eating and baking and the Kings are good keepers. We will be eating them well into the winter months, if I can find a cool place to store them away from mice.

This afternoon I also finished the cushion cover for the futon. Finished is a relative term. The cushion is covered. put it that way. I will readily admit that sewing a 75 inch zipper into a huge piece of upholstery was way beyond my skill set. I had no pattern, have never done it before and basically faked the whole thing. No one will care. It will look fine. If one cabin guest should accurately comment that it is the worst zipper sewing cushion covering they have ever seen, they will be sleeping in a tent.

E is taping and mudding up in the cabin and at some point I won’t be able to hide in my kitchen canning anymore. I will be up in the cabin helping him sand. UGH.. Dry wall sanding is the worst….

I had a lovely half hour watching twin turkey vultures on their first venture without Mom and Dad. One, let’s call him Geoffrey had found a huge clam which he was unwilling to share. His brother Preston, probably the younger twin, wandered back and forth expecting to get a share.. At one point he even pulled on Geoffrey’s tail to remind him that he was hungry too. Geoffrey was livid and told Preston in no uncertain terms to bug off and get

his own dinner

2 thoughts on “his own dinner

  1. I miss not having much at the cabin in the fruit category. My red currants produce well but I never expected them to be so tart and seedy that they couldn’t be eaten raw. My blueberries bushes in containers have been a bust. The few berries I got were eaten by either birds or critters. I guess I will have to stick to veggies. – Margy


    • I have given up on berries. The birds are way to difficult to deal with.. Even the vegetables are disappointing. So much work and water used for very little reward.. I could do just as well buying from a local farm… Thinking I might just turn the whole garden into a flower garden……. At this point might have to be cactus though…..


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