is blooming again

Well it is safe to say Mrs. Carter was quite correct in her analysis of my artistic skills. But what she didn’t understand is that it really doesn’t matter that I can’t draw. I enjoy my time with my friends and if I need to paint to get to do that.. so be it.. The wine certainly helped. It was a wonderful night where we learned all about the art of Joan Miro and then tried our hand at his style.

Today, I started canning my tomatoes, eight pints and two quarts with more coming every day. Not as much as I had hoped but we won’t starve. No pears to speak of this year so I am having to buy some for the pear salsa I like to make every year.

There was rain again over night and much cooler temperatures today. Perfect weather for canning.

We want to finish much of the cabin before we go on our little trip in September. It is unlikely. I have a lot of canning to do and am not of much help to the project at this point. E is working on the plumbing now, then he can finish the drywall and finalize the wiring.

What I did in the garden last winter to the roses worked. The roses have never been as beautiful since I cut them back so drastically. They were quite prolific and disease free during their normal bloom time in June. But today, when I went up to pick my daily tomatoes it was an unexpected treat to discover my Peace rose

is blooming again.

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