to bind it

It took me most of the morning to find all of my canning supplies. I had to wash all the jars I was going to need, I had found them under my bed. I sorted out the right lids, they were in the studio. I looked for the muslin bag Mary made me for the pickling spices, and I narrowed down which recipes I am going to make this year.

Once I got into the rhythm of it all, the process was smooth and with the loan of my neighbour’s pressure canner fairly quick. As with any other job around here, it is all about having the right tools. There is a lot of fruit available or soon to be available and well worth the effort to can it. There is nothing like “shopping” in my pantry in January.

I do always need to go through my notes and consult my right arm (E) on the finer details of not blowing myself up with the canner the first batch of the season. I’m still here so it all went well, so far.

I never did find the muslin for the pickling spices but my Mom’s friend Evie’s wise words rang in my head. “We are not without resources, Joyce”. Mom’s name was Joyce and I think Evie was talking about driving in an unfamiliar town without a map but still, I felt the phrase an appropriate one for my situation.

I went to our well stocked medicine cabinet and pulled out one of the three First Aid kits I have, the red one. Apparently there is a thing called a triangle bandage that works perfectly as a pickling spice bag for a Chutney.

I started work in the kitchen around 8 am and just finished now at 3:30.. Ugh, I am pooped. But I have 21 wee jars of the most delicious country chutney a girl could ask for. It’s a blend of peaches, plums, apples, dates, cranberries, apricots, raisins and ginger. mmmm

As I see it, the success of the day really depended on having all the right tools available. Raiding the medicine cabinet for my pickling spice bag will only prove regrettable in the unlikely future event that we find ourselves with a triangle shaped wound and only rectanglar shaped bandages

to bind it

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