draw a sunflower

The last art class I attended was double art on Fridays as a grade seven student in Mrs. Carter’s classroom. First door on the left of the second floor of my elementary school. We called her “bird legs” Carter, which really wasn’t a very nice name but yet accurately descriptive. As the seniors of the school we were given the privilege of going to the store just past the railroad tracks during our lunch hour to buy a bag of penny candy with our meager allowances. Three sickly sweet strawberries or bananas for a penny. Jaw breakers, a penny a piece. A ton of double bubble in the card size pack for a nickel was always a hit.

We would return with our candy to the school and end our week with a full afternoon of studying the finer qualities of art. Or as I understood it to be .. goofing around with my friends with a crayon in my hand while getting high on cheap sugar. I never finished a picture all year and am pretty sure I got the first F ever given to a twelve year old for drawing a garden.

I am so frustrated.. I am sitting here trying to channel my inner artist and there is yet another bird in my living room. Honestly, I am sure it’s the same one from yesterday… He is bigger than the usual visitors and dim as a post. How hard is it to find an open door… ????

Why am I channeling my inner artist? Tonight, I am going to an art class on the island. That’s right.. an art class. I am meant to sit in front of an easel and put crayon/pen/paint to paper… Hell, I’m game. Apparently my dear art teacher friend hasn’t ever heard of Mrs. Carter or seen my Grade seven report card.

I didn’t get any canning done today. I was missing a lot of ingredients when I went to begin. Fortunately E was able to find them in town and so tomorrow I will begin anew. I managed to pass the day with very little to show of value. I made some tomato sauce and some bread but the rest of the day I was distracted with what I will call “research” for my book.

I am really looking forward to tonight. My friend insists we all have an inner artist.. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if after all these years it turns out I can

draw a sunflower?

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