Land shit done

Full disclosure I might have had a glass or two of wine.. Friends stopped in after dinner and honestly, we were so tired from our day working on the cabin that the few several glasses of wine we shared on the deck have made me very mellow.

We were up early this morning. Finished the insulation on the exterior walls then E started to put up the dry wall on the bedroom interior walls. I then put the insulation behind those walls. Insulation is a dirty job and is right up there with drywall for chores I’d rather not do.

We were so happy to be done the heavy lifting jobs like roofing and tongue and groove but now have landed our selves in the middle of the dirty ickky jobs.. ah well.. The cabin is progressing….

This paragraph is for my friends who I have shared a Belladonna Lily bulb. You know who you are. The bulbs are the size of a softball. The leaves have now died off and you thought the plant was done for the summer and of not much interest. But you were wrong… It will now be coming up in your soil .. It is the last thing to flower in my summer garden and has only just begun its journey to flower. Look in your garden for something which looks like this.

Because it will soon look like this.

E is going to town tomorrow for plumbing supplies. I have plums and apples and tomatoes sitting in my kitchen.

Tomorrow I am going to pull the canner out and try to get some hippie dippy, back to nature, Amish homesteading, living off the

land shit done

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