Do come true

My day started as you would expect on my 37th wedding anniversary…Breakfast in bed. Steaming hot Bailey laced coffee, scones with pads of butter under spoonfuls of home made strawberry jam, chilled champagne, fresh squeezed orange juice. Followed by a little snooze in again til mid day……..

Hahahaha… I am killing it..! We were up at six. Gluten free toast with black coffee. Back at the work site by 8:30. Anniversaries come and go but the guest cabin isn’t going to build itself.

The metal roofing is on, the windows are all in and all of the wiring is done. I have one more day’s work to finish the insulation, the exterior walls are pretty much done, need to do the interior ones. We insulate those ones with sound proof insulation. No one wants to hear their neighbour snore…

E spent the day building the framing thingys that go above the wall and under the roof between the rafters to make a complete line for the drywall. I’m sure they are called something.. We don’t know what. But the thingys are built.

Tomorrow he will put OSB on the outside, I can insulate. Then we drywall.

The siding is ready to go on. Our son might be coming this week so we will do the drywall and save the siding for him. No one volunteers for drywall.

Then I get to confirm my colours for paint…. how fun… I have a bunch of furniture in storage. Everything is getting painted!

So after a long day working with my best friend on a project essentially for the benefit of our three favourite offspring and their families, we retire to the deck and a really good bottle of old wine or two…


do come true

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