one worth cherishing

Let’s call them community builders. The islanders who put considerable effort into hosting events which enhance the enjoyment of the time spent here by their neighbours.

To name a few, we have a couple who have, in the past, hosted a New Year’s Day lunch and hot tub dip after the annual Polar Bear swim. We have two families who have, for almost the eleventh year and much to the joy of the youngest residents of the island, hosted a family focused Dingy Regatta which includes a blindfolded rowing race and a raft race (no nails, screws, store bought paddles or automatic propulsion allowed).

In the past, one of our neighbours has taken gorgeous pictures of the unique people he has met on his world travels. This summer, he decided to turn his talents to capturing the island culture through black and white photographs taken with a vintage 4X5 film camera.

Today, he hosted an art show at the fire hall to display the results. From 12 – 4 pm and with a 5.00 donation to the island fire protection fund we were treated to the opportunity of seeing our island’s culture through his lens. An avid reader held her book, a musician his mandolin, a forester sat with his chainsaw. Some were photographed alone, some with their partners, some with their dogs. It goes without saying in mine I’m holding a wine glass.

Many who own property on the island choose to keep to themselves and that is awesome too. If E didn’t keep signing us up for everything no one would ever likely see me either. But we are all the better for those who choose to give of their time and energy to enhance the island experience of us all.

We woke this morning to the gorgeous sound of rain on the roof. As our water reserves were down to 900 gallons, it was a welcome sound. A friend texted me that she heard a mid sized tree come down across the road. E moved it while walking the dog. First rains often take down trees around here…

I put on my cleanest of jeans and finest flannel shirt this morning in preparation for the art show.. Can’t just be going to a fancy dancy art show in my usual, worn for two weeks, covered in paint and ashes, jeans.

With the cooler temperatures I thought it might be a good time to put up some tomato sauce after the art show. Not for the faint of heart, I ventured past the doorway of the studio of horror to find my canning supplies. What a surprisingly scary place it is up there… I stepped over the chainsaw, passed four bins of children’s books, climbed around the Christmas tree stand and moved the wine racks and easel. Down on the ground next to the two……TWO!!! brand new, still in their boxes, microwaves covered in mouse poopage, sat my canner.

I stopped in the garden to pick the days meager supply of tomatoes. While I was there I dug up a few reasonable looking beets and discarded the rest of the disappointing crop to the compost. Honestly, next year I’m thinking I’m just going to grow pumpkins!!

And so it is another day on the island. Between the challenges of absent roofing metal, rodents living where they ought not to be living, and the pursuit of rain water, there are days when we put down our shovels, put on our cleanest jeans, and gather with friends to appreciate how lucky we all are. Our culture when viewed through an artist’s lens proves to be

one worth cherishing

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