have a problem

In the winter I browse seed catalogues and buy far too many seeds for my summer vegetable growing abilities. In the summer, I browse fall planting catalogues for any bulb additions I would like to make to my garden. Growing daffodils is easier than broccoli and to quote my very wise father in law “You can never have enough daffodils”.

I had added cedar siding, sea soil and mulch to the roof metal order to make sure the barge was full. Yesterday the barge arrived. There was cedar siding and lots of soil for my garden but you are correct there was no roof metal on the barge. You gotta laugh..

E plugs away at all of the things which have to happen before the metal can be installed. The tongue and groove is finished and the vapor barrier is now on top of it. He has begun to attach the purlins. It will be probably Sunday before he is actually ready for the metal.. What do you think our chances are?

I have begun to put the insulation in the inside walls. E still has to do the wiring yet so I can’t really finish the task.

Our friends gave us a futon they weren’t using with a very adequate cushion. Another friend gave us some upholstery material they weren’t using and it is enough to cover the futon cushion. I need to drag out the sewing machine and then bingo bango bongo the guest cabin will have the option to sleep six.

The apple trees and plum tree are crowded with fruit. It’s going to be a bumper crop year. There is no sign of tent caterpillars at all. I never know if it is the weather or our pruning which defines our harvest but something went right this year. I will be busy canning all fall.

I want to surround the new cabin with daffodils and add some color to the spring fenced garden. So, this weekend I put my order in for my bulb shipment. Three hundred and ninety Daffodils of all different shapes and sizes for the cabin area and one hundred and ten Hyacinth, both of the giant and regular variety for behind the fence.

I say I have a vision, you all are probably saying I

have a problem

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